Welcome to the EAHS "65" Project!

You’ve reached the official website for the Class of 1965 at Easton Area High School in Easton, Pennsylvania. We’re glad you found us, and we hope the website will help you reconnect and reminisce with classmates and old friends from EAHS.

Our class website has been available since the fall of 2011. We now have information on all but about 5% of our classmates. If you are logged in, a "Contact" link will appear below the class photos where you can reconnect with old friends. If you move or change your email address, please remember to update your details. To log in, click on the "MEMBER LOGIN" link at the bottom. After logging in, Click on "HOME" and a link to your account will appear on the top menu.

If the "Registry" doesn’t have your photo or your friend’s photo, you may find it on the "Missing" page. You know where you are, so please use "CONTACT US" link at the lower right bottom of the page to send us information that will remove you from "Missing" and add you to the "Registry." Please know that you were not put among the "Missing" on purpose! Honest!

Please look through the "Missing" list and send clues to help track down these classmates. Any clue is helpful, especially an email address, a name change for one of the gals, or a location of a classmate who has moved out of Easton.

We regret that any of our classmates are deceased, and far too many are shown "In Memoriam." We honor their lives here and have included an obituary if it’s available. If you know another classmate has died, please use "Contact" to send the information. Our webmaster, Ron Stamets, is also a classmate. Ron has built in privacy controls. We will not sell or use the database for any purpose other than planning for future reunions of the EAHS Class of 1965. If you have questions or suggestions for the website, please do let Ron know by contacting him at ReunionTrack Administrator

We hope you enjoy using our EAHS "65" Project website. Please bookmark this page, and watch for occasional emails about class activities from EAHS Class of ’65. Our mailbox is always open! We want to hear from you! Go Rovers, Go!